Daufuskie is a place where golf carts or bicycles are the way to travel.  But all golf carts are not created equal.  Smelly, noisy, slow – these are just a few words that some visitors have used to describe their rental carts.   Listen to what the Badasarians have to say.


The Preferred Way to Get Around on Daufuskie

Daufuskie Carts LLCGolf Carts from Daufuskie Carts LLC  are like-new, fast, quiet, electric carts –

Think about what you might want to do and then do it in style.

Click here for a self-guided tour map of the island.

For printable road maps of Daufuskie, choose from the following:

You can’t get lost on Daufuskie so hop into your “chariot” and enjoy the drive while you enjoy the island.

You might want to explore our beaches, visit the island’s historic locations, stop in at the galleries and craft shops, and/or grab some food at one of our unique restaurants. Whatever the reason, it’s always a good idea to start at the Billie Burn Museum for maps and a little background about the island –  (843)686-4824.

Pick up the Daufuskie Historical Foundation’s Guide which includes an annotated map with historical points of interest including the Museum, the Gullah Learning Center, tabby ruins, historic cemeteries & homes, and old logging railroad line.    The museum is open Tuesday thru Saturday from 1pm-4pm. The museum can also be opened at other times by appointment for groups (given appropriate advance notice, call 406 270 6586).

For more information about things to do (restaurants, galleries, history and beaches), click here.

Daufuskie Golf Carts Get Rated

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